Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mermaids Memories Beach Glass Suncatchers

Mermaids Memories Beach Glass Suncatchers

I've been wire wrapping beach glass to create these one of a kind, extremely unique, abstract art pieces, created from Beach Glass, also know as Sea Glass or Mermaids Tears. Beach glass is shards of glass that has been discarded and somehow found its way into the sea, to be tossed around broken on rocks and polished by the sand and the waves. Finally be washed up along the shores as tiny treasures to be picked by beachcombers all over the world.

 These pieces are wire wrapped using recycled copper wire, available in any shape or size. Custom made to fit your style! If you have beach glass that you have collected and don't know what do do with, I can create a special keepsake for you or a loved one using you very own glass! Available in clear beach glass, green, brown, some cobalt blue & amethyst, and a very small amount of red or yellow. Order now for best selection.
Custom pieces are also available in a wider range of colors of scrap stained glass & recycled copper wire. Hang indoors or out.

You can see more photos of my beach glass finds at
Prints available matted or framed.

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