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Spring 2011 - 365 Project - Day 121 - 5/1/11

Delicate Maple Flowers. Grosses Coques, Nova Scotia
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365 Project - Day 121 - 5/1/11

Started reading Electric City: The Stehelins of New France by Paul H. Stehelin today, really loving it, amazing story! This is a photo of the Wheels from the Marie Therese, from the New France Railway, 1897. New France - also known as the "Electric City" was a former settement in Nova Scotia. It was founded in 1892 by the Stehelin family of France. Many years before electricity was available in the rest of Digby County the mill generated electricity for lighting and New France became known as "Electric City".
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 A pole railway constructed by the Stehelins ran to Weymouth, 17 miles away to ship lumber. For close to two decades (1895–1912) the Stehelins ran a successful lumbering operation. Due to decreasing lumber prices after the First World War ended, the operation could not be sustained. The buildings were torn down in the late 1950s. A hundred years ago the Stehelin family entertained friends and business colleagues from around the world with dinners, dances, hunting and skating. 
New France blended European French, Acadian, Black and Mi'kmaq cultures. All that remains today are some of the stone foundations. Photo taken in Church Point, Nova Scotia.
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