Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jamie MacKay - Sacred Temple Tattoo

Sacred Temple Tattoo
Artist Jamie MacKay

Specializing in black and gray realism portraits & black and gray custom tattoos.
Call for appointment or for more info: 234-2751 or 870-4951  
I am so excited I am going to see Jamie MacKay and get some of his amazing art in my skin permanently this fall. He is a very talented and inspiring artist, it will be an honour to carry a piece of his work with me all the time.
Tattoos by Jamie MacKay
An amazing charcoal drawing by Jamie MacKay that was pulled recently by facebook. 
Many facebook users made this picture their profiled picture in protest.
"Vanishing Cream"
The piece is entitled "Vanishing Cream".

Jamie's intent with this piece is to portray the concept that society in general has an obsession with beauty and with "fixing" what may not be broken at all. It focuses on the consequences of seeking the unattainable public perception of beauty, thereby losing sight of who we really are. The image was meant to capture this "melting" or "dissolving" of one's true self in the vain search of this unattainable perfection that society dictates to the masses. 
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  1. Been researching and visiting several tattoo artist's sites but no one compares to what I have seen of Jamie's work. Unfortunately, as a non-Facebook, non-Twitter person, it is very difficult to contact him. Also, I have been unable to find Sacred Temple's website. The only one I can find is in Shreveport. Anyone know how I can contact Jamie without having to Twitter or Facebook? Thanks!